Glass and mirrors play so many roles both in living and work spaces.  They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Most people often use mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing areas to check themselves when shaving, applying makeup or dressing up. However, mirrors also create the illusion of space, making small rooms to look bigger. Apart from just rooms, mirrors are also installed on narrow hallways for the same purpose.

Both mirrors and glass can also create unique aesthetic statements to enhance the appeal and comfort of your spaces. Today, mirrors and glass come in numerous shapes, sizes and designs to create an attraction on every space in your home, office or business space. The reflections of mirrors brighten up spaces and, also create unique touches of beauty that will truly enhance the appeal of your spaces.

Another key merit of mirrors that most people do not know is that they can also help with boosting security. Placing mirrors at strategic location across your home or business space will allow you to easily monitor the activities along the hallways and doors. Besides, mirrors and glass also offer smart ways for hiding imperfections on walls. Overall, there is a lot that you can achieve with glass and mirror installation.

Glass Expert Singapore is the go to professional for custom glass and mirror installation services Singapore. Our commitment to every client is quality and affordable workmanship and, reliable services delivered at your convenience. We specialize in diverse glass and mirror installation services for commercial, retail and residential establishments in Singapore.

Commercial & Retail Glass and Mirror Installation

Installing glass and mirrors on your business premises is a great way to create an attractive and inviting space for customers. Mirrors can add a significant touch of elegance to the premises, thereby improving the image of the business. Besides, they can also go a long way in ensuring additional security at your place of business. Our commercial and retail glass and mirror installation services include but, not limited to the following.

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

Automatic sliding glass doors are not only exquisite in looks but, also offer greater convenience ion terms of accessibility. We offer the best automatic sliding glass door installation services for all kinds of commercial and retail spaces.

Color Backed Glass

Color backed glass can easily transform the looks and feel of every space. The glass comes in diverse designs, sizes and shapes for lift lobbies, foyers, partitions and pantries. Besides, they are also low maintenance. Our company is the right partner to engage for custom color backed glass and mirror installation.

Fire Rated Glass Door/ Panel

Fire rated glass doors and panels are essential for every commercial and retail space. As the name suggests, these doors or panels are durably and intuitively designed to withstand the spread of heat during fire incidences. In case you are looking to arm your business premises with these fire resistance systems, let our company deliver the best fire rated glass door/ panel installation services.

Glass Railing

Installing glass railing is a great way to enhance the strength of your building due to their sturdy construction. They can also add a touch of style to the space, thereby improving the image of the business. On the other hand, glass railings can also improve safety for your workers and customers. Simply talk to us for custom glass railing installation service.

Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are essential for beauty parlors, restaurants and hotels, barber shops and even health units. Regardless of the size of your business, you will always need wall mirrors when serving customers. And, our company is the partner that you can trust for professional wall mirror installation services.

Office Door/ Fixed Panel

Whether you are setting up a new office or renovating an old one, there is usually the need to create private spaces therein. While many alternatives can work, office doors or fixed panels are specifically made for that purpose. We can provide the best office door and fixed panel installation services tailored to your office space and budget.

Shopfront Swing and Sliding Door

Although some businesses still have the conventional swing and sliding doors with obstruction frames, they are quite costly and high maintenance. We specialize in the installation of shopfront swing and sliding doors made of glass, which will surely give your shop a stylish and modern appeal.


Installing glass skylights will provide shelter to your external business space. Since they are see-through, glass skylight also enables you to maximize the usage of natural light and, offers spectacular views of the skies from inside the premises. Our company is the expert in glass roof and skylight installation that you should engage.


Whiteboard is a basic requirement for office spaces where the staff and clients often engage in meetings, workshops or seminars. We offer custom glass writing board installation for different sizes and colors of glass writing boards.

Glass Façade Curtain Wall

Glass façade curtain walls create significant illusions of space, making your premises to feel spacious. Since they are made of glass, these curtain walls will also provide your customers with scenic views of the surrounding areas. We deliver tailor made glass façade curtain wall installation services for both internal and external facades.

Residential Glass and Mirror Installation

Glass and mirrors also offer various functional and practical benefits in living spaces. They will elevate the appeal of your home, improve comfort and security. You can also use glass and mirrors to partition some sections of the home. To meet the varying needs of our clients, we offer a wide range of residential glass and mirror installation services including.

Color Backed Glass/ Glass Backsplash

Installing color backed glass or glass backsplash is an incredible way to transform the feel and look of your home. The glass comes in numerous sizes, shapes and styles for every space. Talk to us today for custom color backed glass and glass backsplash installation.

Glass Fence

Looking to erect sleek and low maintenance barriers across your home? Then, a glass fence is a great option. Glass fences will also provide greater visibility, thereby boosting security and safety. Our company can provide the best glass fence installation for your home.

Glass Flooring

Glass flooring are mainly sought after by most homeowners today because they brighten spaces. However, they also add an undeniable sense of luxury to living spaces. Unlike most flooring options, glass flooring is also quite easy to clean. At Glass Expert Singapore, we also offer the best glass flooring installation for all residential establishments.

Glass Partition

Installing temporary partitions across your home can be very hectic and costly if you do not know how to go about it. Glass partitions are stylish, durable and low maintenance. To get the best glass partition installation services for your home, simply talk to us.

Glass Railing

Regardless of the size of your home, glass railings can be custom designed, crafted and installed.  Apart from just transforming the appeal of the home, glass railings can also enhance safety therein. And, we are your number one stop-shop for tailor made glass railing installation.

Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are essential for the bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing areas in your home. Installing them will also go a long way in improving the beauty of your living spaces. If you are looking to erect wall mirrors in your home, let our company provide the best wall mirror installation.

Shower Enclosure

Gone are the days when people partitioned shower areas using boards, bricks or blocks. Glass shower enclosures are the modern products that will ensure a decorative and low maintenance shower area in your home. Our company offers custom glass shower screen and enclosure installation.


If you have an open space outside the home for relaxation, installing a skylight or glass roof could be a great idea for providing shelter and maximizing the penetration of natural light. We provide custom residential glass roof and skylight installation services.

Sliding / Swing Door

Sliding and swing doors ensure added convenience in accessing the rooms in your home. However, they will also create a sense of style across the spaces. Simply get in touch with us for reliable home sliding and swing door installation services.

Glass Window

Installing glass windows will enable you to maximize the use of natural light and, also enhance the looks of your living spaces. We can provide custom glass window installation for all window sizes, shapes and styles.

Why Choose Glass Expert Singapore

At Glass Expert Singapore, we always owe it to our clients to deliver the ultimate glass and mirror installation solutions. Choosing us comes with a guarantee of tailor made solutions for your needs, budget and schedule. Here’s why you should hire our company for glass and mirror installation in Singapore.

  • Custom glass and mirror installation services for homes and businesses
  • Reliable glass and mirror installation
  • Affordable glass and mirror installation

With us, it is not just about the provision of the above services but, making sure that you get the best glass and mirror installation solutions. Feel free to also check out our glass and mirror installation blog for more insights about the procedures. Get in touch with us today for tailor-made glass and mirror installation solutions in Singapore.

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