Difference between Tempered and Frosted Glass

The physical appearance is commonly used to differentiate between tempered and frosted glass. However, there are more detailed differences between these two types of glasses. Each type of glass has a unique process of being manufactured. For instance, frosted glass is made opaque by being manufactured with sandblast or acid but still remains translucent. On the other side tempered glass is passed through process of extreme heating and cooling to make it harder than other glasses.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass can be referred as toughened glass and is commonly used in residential and commercial areas. This type of glass is stronger than the normal glass. It is made stronger by subjecting the glass in extreme hot temperatures and cold temperatures drastically. Final result will not easily shatter like standard glasses. An expert will let you know that tempered glass has higher cost than normal glasses and is durable. Therefore, it has high safety measures because it does not break easily and in case of an accident, it shatters into small round pebbles. Normal glasses shatters in sharp objects that cause more injuries and difficult to clean up.

The manufacturing of tempered glass involves several ingredients the main being mixing the ingredients in very high temperatures.  When it cools down, it is customized according to the desired shape of the customer. This type of glass is flexible and customizable. You can get a unique design to improve the aesthetic view of your house. The composition of tempered glass is quite different from the normal glasses and that is why they are stronger and durable.

Benefits of Tempered Glass


One of the most evident benefits of installing tempered glass is safety. They are stronger and resist breakage. If it breaks by accident, it shutters into small round pieces preventing injuries unlike normal glass that breaks into small sharp objects. This can lead to severe injuries and it is difficult to clean up. Installing tempered glass in home windows and doors keeps family members safe.

It is Strong

Tempered glasses are stronger than the normal glass because of how it is processed. It is strengthened by being heated up and drastically cooled down. This means that the tempered glass can withstand blows, strong winds, and drastic weather changes.  This will save you replacement costs in such events because the glass is resistant to breakage.

Frosted Glass

This is a fabricated glass that is made with an aim of making glass opaque but translucent. This is done to achieve privacy and elegance. This is achieved through sandblasting which makes glass translucent. The process of sandblasting includes hit the glass surface with fine materials. This process allows making logos and wording on a glass which makes it suitable for commercial buildings. Also different patterns and designs can be achieved. Frosted glass is also suitable for bathrooms and meeting rooms. Frosted glass can also be made through acid-etching process to creating decorative patterns and to make it translucent. This type of glass solves the drawback of installing transparent glasses.

Benefits of Frosted Glass

Regulates Sunlight

It allows natural light to access the room and also regulates UV rays. A lot of exposure to UV rays discolors the interior décor. Installing frosted sandblasted glass will help you solve this problem. Since they are translucent, they still allow natural light in the house which is unlike wooden and metallic doors. This helps to keep the door closed and still have exposure to sunlight. The benefit of natural light helps to minimize dependence on lighting bulbs during the day hence cut on energy cost. In addition, letting in natural lights helps employees to feel refreshed and lively.


It helps to achieve privacy because an individual can barely see through the frosted sandblasted glass.  The drawback for glass doors and windows is privacy issue because they are transparent. With the presence of sandblasting process, achieving privacy has been made possible. You can choose frosted glass because it gives a blurry vision and still allows natural light in the house. Frosted sandblasted glass has many designs and colors that enrich aesthetic view of a house.

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