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Generally, curtain façade walls are made to offer added layer of protection against various weather elements in high-rise commercial buildings. Glass façade curtain walls provide the first line of defense for your building and its occupants against harsh winds and temperatures. That is why they are a common sight on most commercial establishments in Singapore today. But, there are many other reasons for glass façade curtain wall installation that most people do not know about.

Benefits of Glass Façade Curtain Wall

There are many reasons why glass façade curtain walls are recommended for commercial and retail buildings. The following are the key benefits of installing glass façade curtain walls on your business premises.

Added structural stability

This is undoubtedly the main reason why most owners of commercial buildings install glass façade curtain walls. The systems are made using aluminum and glass, which provides greater strength to effectively protect the building from harsh elements of weather and environmental changes.

Glass façade curtain walls work by deflecting strong winds and snowfall away from the external parts of the building. That could significantly reduce the risk of damage to the property in such events. As a result, you will not have to deal with constant repairs on the building, which also saves a lot of money.

Apart from ecological elements, glass façade curtain walls can also prevent the spread of fire in high-rise commercial buildings. That not only contributes to the added protection of assets and property from damage but, also life saving opportunities during fire incidences.

Improves the aesthetics of the property

Installing glass façade curtain walls on your commercial building can also go a long way in transforming its overall appearance. The systems can elevate the appeal of your façade, giving the building a modern trendy look. Glass is a material associated with luxury and style, which will also reflect on your premises.

The improved looks of your building could easily change customer perceptions, giving the illusion of your strong commitment to a more enhanced customer experience. An improved visual appeal is a smart move that can work magic in your promotional efforts.

The ability of glass façade curtain walls to protect the external parts of buildings from damage by ecological elements also helps with preserving the looks and condition of the property. Thus, having the systems on your building could also preserve the paint on external walls and other features, keeping the building looking great over time.

Energy efficiency

Glass façade curtain walls can also help you to address the issues of increasing electricity costs on your building. The walls offer incredible thermal insulation by retaining heat indoors and preventing the penetration of water and moisture into the building. That means you will not need to use a lot of electricity on heating. As a result, you will be able to save quite a lot of money on electricity bills in the long term.

Applications of Glass Façade Curtain Walls

Glass façade curtain walls are recommended for all high-rise commercial and retail buildings with more than two floors. They are mostly suitable for office complexes, shopping malls, commercial complexes, hotels and resorts and, hospitals.

Get the Best Glass Façade Curtain Wall Installation Singapore

To ensure the added structural stability, improved aesthetics and energy efficiency of glass façade curtain walls on your commercial building, you need high quality systems and custom installation. Glass Expert Singapore is the trusted professional in glass façade curtain wall installation that you should engage.

We offer custom glass façade curtain wall installation in different kinds of high rise commercial buildings across Singapore. However, our company also has close contacts with manufacturers and suppliers of quality commercial glass and mirror products in Singapore. That will offer you greater convenience since you do not have to stress about how to find the right glass façade curtain walls for your building.

The systems come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs that you can select based on your expectations and the structural requirements of the building. Nevertheless, we will help you to easily get the most suitable glass façade curtain walls for the building. We conduct customized glass façade curtain wall installation that guarantees improved structural stability and visual appeal as well as energy efficiency.

Get in touch with us today for custom glass façade curtain wall installation Singapore.

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