Advantage and Disadvantage of Installing Glass Door

Today, installing glass doors has become one of the leading trends among homeowners in Singapore. Glass doors enhance the overall aesthetic view of a house. People were so used to the traditional wooden doors and avoided glass doors because they thought the installation is expensive. Surprisingly, there are affordable glass doors available in Singapore. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of installing glass doors.


Improves the Aesthetic view

Installing glass doors for homeowners is advantageous because it allows a person to see outside the house. Having a glass door panel in a wooden or metallic door allows natural light in the house hence brightens up the home. Glass doors have a wide range of patterns which allows one to choose a unique design. All these help in improving the aesthetic view of the house.

It is Easy to Clean the Glass Doors

Glass material does not hold stains. They easily come off when washed. Unlike metallic doors that are affected by rust, glass doors are immune to rusting. Installing glass doors reduces the cost of maintenance because they can last for many years before replacement and only require water and cleaner to make it look brand new.

Easily Customizable

There are a variety of glass types that come in different colors and shapes. This means that installing of glass doors can be customized according to the wooden door type and surfaces. Homeowners can improve the interior view by installing glass doors in the bathroom and washroom.

Availability in the Market

Glass doors are readily available in Singapore. Since it has become a new trend, manufacturers have made it easier for homeowners to buy and choose among a variety of colors and designs. Glass doors can be installed in already existing doors. This helps to cut installation cost.


Glass doors are highly resistant to moisture and humidity. They do not expand as a result of moisture exposure. Since they are extremely resistant rust or rotting, the glass doors are more likely to last longer than wooden and metallic doors. In the long-run, maintenance cost is reduced and time is saved.

They increase Visual Openness

It is easy to look through a glass door to see outside. It will save you time and energy for opening and closing the door. It allows you to see who is at the door before you open hence increase security measures.  

Even though installing glass doors has several advantages, it also has disadvantages.


Limited Privacy

Curtains are often needed to go along with the glass doors to achieve maximum privacy. Installing glass doors in the bathroom and toilet needs extra installation of a curtain to achieve privacy. However, translucent glass doors can be installed to avoid the extra curtain costs.

Need for an Insulator

Installing glass exterior doors needs insulation because there is a great difference between exterior heat and interior heat. Without the insulator, it increases the vulnerability of the glass door to break. If you live in an area with extreme changes in temperature, glass doors may not be a good option. Installing an insulator will block the external view from the inside yet one of the main reasons of installing glass door is to have this view.

Security Issues

Comparing wooden and metallic doors, glass doors are more vulnerable because they can be broken. By nature, glass doors are susceptible to breakage hence someone can easily break in. However, this problem can be solved by installing tampered glass door. This may call for an additional cost to make sure security measures are in place.


The cost for installing glass door may be relatively higher than wooden doors. Consequently, the need for an insulator and tampered glass may increase the overall installation cost. Therefore it is important to do all the calculations before installing to avoid unaccounted cost. This is why you need a glass door specialist to provide guide.


After discovering the advantages and disadvantages of installing glass door, it is clear that the advantages surpass disadvantages. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install glass door to improve the aesthetic view for both interior and exterior look. You need to work closely with a specialist to guide you into choosing they best design and glass type.  

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