Fixing a Stuck Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door is a great asset in any office or home because it improves the aesthetic view of the house and allows the homeowner to have a clear exterior view. This means that sliding doors are made for easy use and convenience. Despite the many benefits of sliding doors, there are a few occurrences where you may experience a stuck sliding door.

The following are some of the solutions to fixing a stuck sliding glass door

Clear the Sliding Track

The track allows roller wheels of the glass to slide smoothly and allow you to open doors easily. As you continue using sliding glass door, the track accumulates dirt and dust debris and slows down the sliding process. There you need to regularly clean the track by using a toothbrush or a wire. Once you have finished cleaning, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to suck any remaining dust particles and accumulated dirt.

Lubricate the Door Track

You will always need a lubrication gel to prevent a glass from stick or to make it run smoothly. The recommended lubricant is the silicone lubricant because it does not leave behind any remedies that could affect the efficiency of the sliding glass door. Lubrication should be done regularly especially after cleaning the tracks. It helps to reduce friction hence fix a stuck sliding glass door.

Door Rollers Adjustment

Sometimes the rollers may slide outside the track which makes it difficult to slide the door in and out. Adjusting the door rollers will make them fit back in the track and slides smoothly. You can do this at home or hire someone to do it.

Know the Cause of Sticking

Check the alignment of the door. After a long time use of a door, the alignment may change making it difficult for the door rollers to slide within the track. You can simply lift the door and align the rollers within the track.

Check whether there are dust particles or debris that has clogged the track. Regular cleaning of the track is significant because it prevents the sliding door from getting stuck. You do not have to wait until the door sticks so that you can start cleaning.

Rollers Inspection

Rollers can become damaged after a long time use. Therefore, you need a professional who will be inspecting the rollers and replace the damaged ones. Also, because of the friction between the rollers and the track, they can become worn out hence need replacement. If they are not worn out, then it means that they need to be readjusted to fit in the tracks.

Replace the Glass Door

When the glass door is old and worn out, it may require replacement. Especially if the rollers and the tracks are frequently adjusted and replaced, it may be time for you to replace the glass door. There may be no solution after doing all other tips and still the sliding door sticks. If the glass door has lasted many years, you may consider replacing it because maintenance is going to be expensive for an old door.

Always remember to clean up the track panel after washing the glass part of the door. Most people forget about the track because it is hardly visible. But it is a very significant part of a sliding glass door. If it nit well cleaned, you will experience a sticking sliding door which makes it difficult to operate. It also becomes difficult for children to slide the door. Tooth brush, wire brush and a vacuum cleaner are essential cleaning tools for the track panels. They are easily found in your local stores at affordable prices.

Regular Maintenance Check

When working with a company that install sliding glass door, always sign up for regular maintenance services. This will help you know when it is the right time to replace the rollers and the door. In addition, the specialist will lubricate the tracks and inform you on various ways of preventing and quick fix for a stuck sliding door. This will help save on maintenance cost and get the right advice that will increase the durability of the sliding glass door.

If you apply all these tips, you will enjoy smooth sliding glass door that are easy and convenient to operate. 

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