Residential and Commercial Glass Shelving

Residential and commercial glass shelving have several benefits to a homeowner or an owner of a commercial building.

Benefits that will make you consider glass shelving.

Improves the Aesthetic view

Installing glass shelving for homeowners is advantageous because it allows a person to see inside the storage rack. Having a glass shelf panel in a wooden or metallic door allows natural light in the house hence brightens up the home. Glass shelving has a wide range of patterns which allows one to choose a unique design. All these help in improving the aesthetic view of the house.

It is Easy to Clean the Glass shelving

Glass material does not hold stains. They easily come off when washed. Unlike wooden shelves that are affected by rot, glass shelves are immune to rusting. Installing glass shelves reduces the cost of maintenance because they can last for many years before replacement and only require water and cleaner to make it look brand new.

Easily Customizable

There are a variety of glass types that come in different colors and shapes. This means that installing of glass shelves can be customized according to your needs. Homeowners can improve the interior view by installing glass shelves in the bathroom and washroom.

Availability in the Market

Glass shelves are readily available in Singapore. Since it has become a new trend, manufacturers have made it easier for homeowners to buy and choose among a variety of colors and designs. Glass shelves can be installed in already existing shelves. This helps to cut installation cost.


Glass shelves are highly resistant to moisture and humidity. They do not expand as a result of moisture exposure. Since they are extremely resistant rust or rotting, the glass shelves are more likely to last longer than wooden and metallic shelves. In the long-run, maintenance cost is reduced and time is saved.

They increase Visual Openness

It is easy to look through a glass door to see outside. It will save you time and energy for opening and closing the door. It allows you to see who is at the door before you open hence increase security measures.  

It is easy to configure glass shelve

Installation of glass shelving makes it easy for the management to set up an office for a client within a day. Glass shelves are easily movable and can be used to create more storage space. Removable glass shelves help to create a new office design according to what the client wants to achieve. Small office spaces can be easily transformed in bigger spaces through commercial glass shelving.

Soundproof Installation

One of the main challenges to main offices is noise from traffic. Majority of the offices are found in busy towns that are noisy because of pedestrians and traffic. This problem has been solved with the latest technology of installing soundproof materials on glass walls. Soundproofing helps to reduce noise accessing the office. A quiet environment helps employees to be more productive because there is minimal interruption from the external environment.  

Minimal Configuration Cost

Commercial buildings always need to configure interior design to make offices more attractive to potential customers. Glass shelving is cost effective because it can be easily remodeled. Permanent wooden shelves are expensive to remodel because it will require a lot of construction work that is highly expensive. Wooden shelves are permanent and the building owner may not be able to satisfy the needs of the client.

Glass shelving is suitable for businesses that need to configure the offices from time to time to increase room for storage and improve the interior design of the office or home.

Natural Light Penetration

Glass walls allow natural light in which makes offices bright. Dull environments make employees have low productivity levels. In addition, the accessibility of natural light reduces energy cost. You will not need to light up the bulbs during the day.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

It is easy to clean a glass wall than a concrete wall. You only need a cleaner and a fabric cloth to wipe down dust and dirt. The same way glass windows are cleaned. You can use traditional hacks such as cleaning with vinegar to keep the glass shelves sparkling clean.

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